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You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings. At the Purple Lotus Patient Center, our goal is to provide quality service, a comfortable atmosphere, and top quality medication for every budget.

All of our staff is highly trained to ensure every time you walk through our door you receive the experience and quality you deserve. We want to make sure that every time you walk through our doors you receive quality service and products.

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Patient safety is also of the utmost concern. Marijuana has been increasingly growing as a topic of conversation. As marijuana use has become more mainstream, the narrative surrounding marijuana and those who use it has shifted. Had I known the rental car was located off site I would have paid more just for the convenience of picking up the car at the airport.

The cars at the offsite were not very clean on the outside and the cleanliness of the inside of the car was mediocre. Show more reviews. Pros: Staff was great. Pros: Friendly knowledgeable and quick service.

Pros: The staff were supportive, kind, and cooperative. It was perhaps the easiest and most smooth rental I've ever had. Pros: Loved the features in the car-- especially the syncing of my phone and contacts with the monitor in the car. Very cool and tres convenient to scroll through my music using a dial on the center consul. I got into another car the next week and went reaching for the dial when I realized it wasn't there. Cons: I think the person who was in the car before me smoked in the vehicle.

There was a hint of smoke odor in the car. I have a very sensitive nose to cigarette smoke, most would never have noticed it. Cons: Car smelled like cigarette smoke, dirty outside also. Radio has terrible reception and there was no USB port. Pros: They did help find an alternative with another agency that was no more expensive. No real delay in getting a car.

Cons: They were unable to provide me a car due to a rather minimal delayered arrival. Pros: I liked that the whole operation was right at the airport. Pros: Great car--easy friendly return. Cons: The guy we picked up the car from barely said a few words to us--very difficult to communicate with.


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Not again. Cons: Staff was not very friendly and offered no direction or service. Cons: The fact that I was charged one amount online and then a lower amount when I picked up a car at Hertz. Booked A mini van for Sep longweekend. Cons: I booked the minivan and the money got debited immediately from my account. I had my reservation from 12Pm and reached PM since the money got deducted assuming the minivan will be available but to our suprise the vehicle I booked was taken by some one who booked the reservation late. When dropping the vehicle they waived all the extra charges for upgrade and taxes which I am supposed to pay.

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I got a better deal but only problem if I booked a car and paid upfront and due to my personal reasons if I want to cancel cannot do it and my money will be gone they wont refund it. Please be sure when taking the reservation. Cons: Close early and you have to be on time to pick up your car or else you miss it and cannot ask for refune. Overall Good Experience. Pros: The staff were all friendly and accommodating Fast drop-off They honored my booked rate despite losing the reservation. Incorrect calculation all the time. Cons: They gave me smell like cigarette car I am non smoker.

And always mis calculate about charges even about returning car time. I arrived there almost two gour before and she said We need to charge you for the late returning. I said no its not then, she figured out said oh right you are not late. Did not get the reservation rate. Pros: The rate at which I reserved the car was not what I was charged at the heetz desk. Also, I was charged for a car upgrade fee. Cons: The rate at which I reserved the car was not what I was charged at the heetz desk.

Pros: I like that they are open until 7pm because a lot of people get off from work at 6pm. In most other places closes at 6, but the location at kettle Road in South San Jose was the only one that was open till 7 and It gave me enough time to get there on time. Cons: I was misled about the price of the vehicle as I was checking in.

I was charged an extra fee when dropping off. Pros: Pick-Up and drop off was convenient. I will do it again in the future and tell all my friends and family. Got a mini SUV for the reservation of an intermedi. Pros: Easy and quick process to get the car from SJC airport, the whole process took less than 10 minutes, including no waiting lines, and taking the elevator up to the 5th floor.

No one pressured me to purchase insurance, I was really surprised. Cons: I reserved an intermediate SUV, Jeep cherokee or similar, however, the only thing available was Jeep Compass, which is one size down from the Cherokee and is called compact SUV or mini SUV, and the trunk is much smaller, so we had to put things on the back seat. This made one of the two guys sitting in the back uncomfortable.

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Pros: the car , the time to get the car. Good car but so many insurances?? Cons: Car rectal agent trying to force insurance cover. Hate it My credit card has comprehensive insurance included. Agent then reverts to saying that it is law to take extra insurance and I need to give him a certificate showing I have my own insurance These agents are trying to strong arm the consumers to make commissions. Middle of the road rental. Pros: The drop off was quick and easy. The person at the counter was pleasant and did not try to push the "extras" on me when I didn't express interest insurance and pre-paid gas.

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Cons: The check in process took longer than it should have Also had to wait an extra 10 minutes for the car to be washed The car was only marginally clean Doesn't look like they take care of their vehicles very well. It just sucked. Cons: More interested in making money and not about customers. Pros: I ended up not renting from Fox as they have mislead me.

Apparently even though my reservation was confirmed, they didn't have vehicles available and they offered me to be "wait listed". Pros: Good price. Excellent staff and customer service. Horrible customer service. Pros: Rental price was good and they were able to help me get a rental fast.

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Cons: Horrible service. Didn't tell me that their location in Vegas is NOT located at the airport, even though that's where we told him we were going. When we arrived, they tried to charge me for damage that was already on the vehicle. Luckily I had the ldw. They forced me to fill out a bunch of paperwork, took a bunch of my time, and then she finally told me we were done and could leave. When I asked for a shuttle, they told me it's best to just get my own lyft or uber.

Already fed up with their service, I figured that was a gops idea. We sat outside the locations for 15 min as we waited for our uber. Right when we get to our hotel, 15 min later so now 30 min since I left they call me and tell me I forgot to leave them the key. Now, I'm in Vegas for a vacation. Spent a lot of money to be out here already.