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I heard through word of mouth over and over that Goodwill is for profit and that its CEO made millions, just as you had said. I had to eat my words because as it turns out, I was wrong! I will have to look into this as well. Yep… that was a meme that was spreading around but it was found to be disproven and not true. Goodwill gets their merchandise for free and sells it. They like to give the impression they help the handicapped but that impression is false. I do not shop at Goodwill nor do I donate there. I donate to clothing closets clothes and Habitat for humanity.

Sherry is right on the money with this. I met a woman that works in the goodwill stores, she even told me the employees themselves will pick over the good stuff for themselves.

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I would donate to Salvation Army, st. Its a business like anything else, for profit and not the for the best interest of the community. Hmm… i think this is anywhere honestly. I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity retail store and we always had first dibs on donated items. I dont see how it is a big deal if we are paying for it like any other customer.

I must disagree with you. Although the CEO may make millions, Goodwill absolutely helps handicapped people. It provides excellent, flexible jobs for people with handicaps — including my son. I previously worked for a Goodwill in Central Texas, and it is Non-profit.

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As a case worker who provided the services that were funded by the income from the stores, I got to see exactly how impactful the services were. But before denouncing them, check in with your local Goodwill about the programs they offer. I get upset every time someone posts misinformation about Goodwill based on something they heard somewhere. Before someone gets upset about Goodwill, I urge them to think about the service they provide our society.

In our consumable society, we rely on Goodwill to deal with all the stuff we accumulate and no longer want. We would have less of a need for their services if we all bought less junk. Besides, they are cleaner and better organized. So much misinformation in these comments, but Goodwill is always the whipping boy.

First off, our Goodwill employs mostly disabled people.

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If they can use what I no longer need, more power to them! I give it with no expectation. Well said. I never understood getting upset if employees did pick over some items. Why do you care?! Some people will believe anything they read in a meme. Yes soo sad but soo true. There is nothing good about this incredibly shady unethical company. I have been dropping off a ton of stuff at goodwills around Charlotte. I had NO idea it was for profit.

I guess I used to donate to Salvation Army stores where I used to live and assumed it was sort of the same. Goodwill is not a for profit company. An email that circulated years ago painted them in a bad light and they have never been able to shake it. The other half is mostly junk or literal garbage.

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Electronics and metal, if not able to be sold, get recycled and Goodwill is paid a few dollars per pound. Shoes get the same treatment as clothes. Anything contaminated, etc gets tossed. Goodwill pay for garbage compacting and removal. Also, Goodwill stores support communities. They provide jobs within the stores, drivers of the trucks, etc. Many Goodwills depending on the area offer job training, career development, resume writing, employment workshops etc to anyone in need at Workforce Connection Centers.

They also pay for all-day care, art and food programs for the severely handicapped in states like Indiana and Illinois.

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No charity is perfect. The CEO of Goodwill does make a large salary. See our goodwill does not sort if they are feeling lazy. They will just throw everything away. We have watched them do it. They might send it to the outlet. They refuse anything with a pricing sticker.

I donated a bookshelf that had a scratch on the bottom and they just tossed it. It was solid wood and was in otherwise good condition. So no not all of them sort the items. Our goodwill does not employ disabled. Everyone is cranky and has a bad attitude. My husband collects old video game stuff. Guess what the manager collects? I donate most of the clothes now to our local pregnancy crisis center. Do your own research before believe people that are spreading misinformation from memes. A lot of it has already been disproven.

Researched it and it is non profit. I found a humane society thrift shop down the street from a goodwill that will get my donations.

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Volunteer run with a small budget. Thanks to the other hip2savers that mentioned the humane society! I no longer donate to the Salvation Army after discovering that they provide Christmas gifts to prison inmates. Christ died for all and extends mercy to all… even felons.

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Whats wrong with them receiving donations?? They are people with needs too. And that they are a changed person. They are doing their time. This was already disproven. This was based off of a meme spreading misinformation. Do your own research. I love my local goodwill! I shop nearly every Sunday!

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I am in Maine and this seems to be consistent at all of the Goodwill locations in my area! I wish Goodwills would give you a coupon when you donate!